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Miscreants takes over Mary Slessor’s tomb in Calabar

Miscreants takes over Mary Slessor’s tomb in Calabar

Her king size statue pierces the skyline at Mary Slessor Avenue, a strategic intersection in Calabar named after her which links the biggest market in the city with University of Calabar, making her image one of the most conspicuous in the ancient town. Mary Mitchell Slessor, a Scottish missionary, born in Abedeen, Scotland in 1848, became a chief missionary among the up- Continue reading “Miscreants takes over Mary Slessor’s tomb in Calabar”

Foreigners panicks after TB Joshua’s catastrophic prophecy

– A very frightening prophecy by Prophet TB Joshua has continued to stir panic especially in Ghana – Following the pronouncement by the cleric, about 600 foreigners have cancelled flights to the Ghana – The West African nation is trying hard to contain the pressure stirred by Prophet Joshua’s prophecy Prophet TB Joshua has predicted…

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