Man murdered at a gas station over an engagement ring dispute (video)

Man murdered at a gas station over an engagement ring dispute (video)

A man and his sister have been arrested and charged with murder over the brutal slaying of a father-of-four at an Alabama gas station, which was captured on video. 

Adarius Elon Williams, 28, was shot multiple times, including nine point-blank as he lay dying on the ground at the Citgo station in Farfield on April 8, with the footage of the shooting obtained this week by

Police say that Vincent Washington, 25, and Barbara Washington, 31, convinced a friend to drive them to the gas station to meet Williams, who wanted to get back the engagement ring he gave to Barbara, his former fiancee.

Once there, Vincent Washington got out of the car with a towel wrapped around his head and has a short argument with Williams, before drawing his gun.

Williams fell to the ground on his back, and Washington stood over him and fired nine more shots.

The friend that drove the brother and sister to the gas station said she did not know what the two had planned at the time, and said they offered to pay for her gas if she drove them.

The woman told investigators that when Washington started wrapping the towel on his head she said she wanted to leave, but he threatened to kill her.

According to court records, Vincent Washington told her: ‘(Expletive), if you drive off I’ll shoot you in the back of the head.’

After the shooting, Washington got back in the car – a white Nissan – and drove off.

However, not long after the shooting, Washington arrived at a hospital in Bessemer with gunshot wounds to the stomach and hand.

Officials say he was dropped off in a white car.

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