Benatex shares his opinion on Best Mobile APPS for students

Benatex shares his opinion on Best Mobile APPS for students

Hey lovely scholars, I’ve written this post specifically for you. Well what do you do apart from chatting? Probably chatting or checking out your friend’s new post on Instagram. Hmmm, well there are lot of apps out there that can be helpful to you both education wise and socially. Please ensure you download these apps, they’re really helpful.


I’m pretty sure you have this app already but then I’m gonna put it up here. With WPS you can read PDFs ,DOCX, POWERPOINT etc. Not only can you read them, you can create them in case you’ve got assignments or a presentation to make. Download it now, it’s pretty helpful


You gotta be social on media while you’re in school, it’s a fun way to reach out to your friends. I don’t see some of my friends for weeks and the only way I get to contact them is through the social media. We get to share pictures and have some fun times. You need the following social apps





3.CAMERA 360

Hey pretty ladies, you wanna take a nice selfie at that hallway or you’re out with your friends at the cafeteria and you got that long selfie stick so you can take a picture with all of them. Camera 360 is the best camera app for you as a student, it’s got the best filters and picture editing effects. For the dudes that feel they ain’t handsome enough, this app is what you need in case you wanna upload it as your display picture on your social apps.

See full list here

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