How to be a Man(Part one)

How to be a Man(Part one)

This week we are going to bring to you list of features or attributes a man should possess,though this is an unofficial listing..see below

  1. Stop talking about where you went to college.
  2. Always carry cash. Keep some in your front pocket.
  3. Rebel from business casual. Burn your khakis and wear a suit or jeans(buba and agbada)
  4. It’s ok to trade the possibility of your 80s and 90s for more guaranteed fun in your 20s and 30s.
  5. Never stay out after midnight three nights in a row… Unless something really good comes up on the third night.
  6. You will regret your tattoos.
  7. Never date an ex of your friend.
  8. Join Twitter; become your own curator of information.
  9. If riding the bus doesn’t incentivise you to improve your station in life, nothing will.
  10. Time is too short to do your own laundry.
  11. When the bartender asks, you should already know what you want to drink.
  12. If you perspire, wear a damn undershirt.
    13.Hookers(Olosho) aren’t cool, but remember, the free ones are a lot more expensive.

14.When people don’t invite you to a party, you really shouldn’t go.? And sometimes even when you are invited, you shouldn’t go.
15.People are tired of you being the funny, drunk guy(grow up)
16.When in doubt, always kiss the girl.(you will be glad you do)
17.Tip more than you should.(you would get more information)
18.You probably use your mobile phone too often and at the wrong moments.(concentrate on the moment)
19.Buy expensive sunglasses. Superficial? Yes, but so are the women judging you. And it        tells these women you appreciate nice things and are responsible enough not to lose them.
20. Do 50 push-ups, sit-ups, and dips before you shower each morning.
21.Eat brunch with friends at least every other weekend.
22.Be a regular at more than one bar.
23.Act like you’ve been there before. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the end zone at the Eko Hotel or on a private plane.
24.A glass of wine or two with lunch will not ruin your day.
25. Learn how to fly-fish

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